Organic Garden Tips

Organic gardening is something that a lot of people consider because of the benefits that come from this. Organic gardening is not only good for your garden, it is also good for the environment as you are not introducing harmful chemicals into the ecosystem. If you want to start organic gardening, you should look at some tips that will help you start.

Use Organic Fertiliser

In most cases, you will not have to fertilise your garden. However, if you have soil that is not ideal for the plants you want or that has other issues, you need to look at some organic fertiliser. Organic fertilisers will generally include composted food waste and well-rotted animal manure from plant-eating animals.

If you have rich soil, you should not look at fertilising your garden at all. If you do fertilise your garden, your plants could put on soft and lush growth which is loved by garden pests. Allowing your garden plants to grow slower with less fertiliser will help them resist disease and pests better.

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Use Organic Mulch

A layer of mulch over the soil in the garden is something that you need to consider. Mulch will help to reduce the weeds in the garden as well as creating a barrier to prevent fungal diseases. Fungus in the soil can have spores which splash onto the leaves of your plants and will cause a lot of problems.

When laying down mulch, you should have a layer which is 1 to 2 inches thick. You should use organic mulch which has been made with materials which will decompose over time. When this happens, the mulch will add more organic matter to the soil which keeps it healthy and reduces the need for fertiliser.

Keep Your Garden Clean

A lot of people assume that you do not have to clear leaves from an organic garden because it will decompose and add nutrients to the soil. This is not actually something that you should do because fallen leaves could help spread disease through your garden. You should look at cleaning up your garden at least once a week and pick up all of the leaves that are lying around.

If you do see that any of your plants have diseased leaves, you should pick the leaves off the plant. This can stop the disease from spreading to the rest of the plant and ultimately killing it. These diseased leaves should be thrown into the garbage and not the compost pile.

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Attract Beneficial Insects

Not all insects are bad for your garden and an organic garden can be healthier when you attract the beneficial ones. Beneficial insects will often get rid of the pests in your garden before they become a serious issue. Some of the plants that you should look at which attract the good insects are Cosmos, Marigold, Purple Coneflower and Yarrow.

You can also introduce beneficial insects into your garden such as ladybirds. If you have a problem with pests, you should look at other organic methods of removing them such as certain soil coverings.

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